This is normally carried out upon a mature tree in which the client is happy with the size and shape of the specimen but feels it need a 'thin through' of the canopy. This involves a tree climber cutting and removing secondary, rubbing or crossing and dead or dangerous branches from inside the tree. This process allows the wind to pass through the crown with less disturbance and a reduced risk of branch failure. Weight is reduced on large limbs so beneficial for longevity. We also recommend this along with crown raising when wishing to promote more sunlight into a garden without felling a tree.

Deadwooding is also necessary if the tree is in a public area and there is risk of falling branches. The removal of rubbing or crossing branches always decreases the chance of disease occurring within the crown of the tree. This is always recommended when the overall shape does not want to be altered, just a bit of sensible care for the tree's future in years to come.

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