Usually applies when a customer wants to keep their tree for the long term but it has become a problem due to the tree in question simply growing too big for its environment. For example the canopy of the tree overgrowing onto a building, neighbours property or public highway. I usually recommend a reduction of the whole canopy by no more than a third but sometimes more, depending on how impending the problem has become. All branches are delicately pruned and lowered using ropes where necessary over buildings and utility lines.

We climb inside the tree with our ropes and harness and shorten all major branches to a desired length, so the overall height and width will be lessened to an aesthetically pleasing and practical specimen. Pruning cuts are made to growth points and natural unions within the crown of tree to reduce risk of dieback and nurture a new shape for years to come. It’s not always the answer to fell a tree, they just need a bit of special attention to increase longevity. Remember that tree can add value to your house price if thinking of selling, a beautiful tree can add character to properties that are rarely found in new builds.

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